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We try to anticipate questions or concerns you might have about our party's and provide the answers here. If you need additional information please contact us.


I/we have never been to a Lifestyle party, nervous would be an under statement.

Everyone is a newbie, we drove by our first party five times before we went in. Once inside, we were in awe and never looked back.


We've heard there are only Male Couples at your party, is this true?

No, it's not true. We are 100% sure you've heard this from people that have never been to one of our party's. The truth is, the Couples that come to our party are Male & Female couples, Husbands & Wives, Boyfriends & Girlfriends. They come to our parties so they can play the way they like, in the open and not behind closed doors.


Will anyone talk to me/us?

A host will take you and introduce you to every person that is there at the time you walk in the door. And our regulars will introduce you as the night goes on, why, because they are friendly like that.


Will I/we be shown the house?

As the host is introducing you to people they will also be going over the play areas and the house rules.


Does everyone look like a supermodel?

They are the same people you see everyday at the store, the bank, the ball game, the bar and so on.


I'm a single male and i'm straight, can i come to the party?

NO. All single males must be at the very least Bi-Curious.


I'm a straight male with a girlfriend/wife, can i come to the party?

Yes. Many women enjoy watching M-M contact, and many straight males enjoy being pegged by their females, the fantasy of the gf/wife "taking her man and owning him" and having people watch, is a strong and very sexy one.


How many people come to the party?

This is a tricky question. We limit the single men to 10. We do not limit couples, so this number will move around, but it would be safe to say 20 couples.


What is the age of your guest?

Again, another tricky question. 25 to 55 would be a safe range.


FAQ page is a work in progress, or as our Canadian friends say, progress. There will be more to come.