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We like to go out and meet people, so we thought why not add an Event Page.

It could be as simple as going out to have lunch, dinner and posting it here.

A Meet and Greet as it's known.

It will give people that come to the party, a chance to catch up, or even a new couple thinking of coming to the party, but are on the fence, to come and meet us and to meet other people that play like they do.

Not sure how often, but it will be in different parts of the Chicago land area.

And it will have to be "G" rated, as we would be in a vanilla establishment.

We will post the general area, date and time, you will have to Text Message, KIK or e-mail us for the exact location and how to find us.

We like to go out at least once a month, So check this page often.

Next Event

This Meet & Greet is for Couples only.


Come out, Meet us, Ask questions.

Past Event's 

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