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New Single Females

We are not accepting NEW single males.

You must be on the Approved list already. Thank you.


Remember No Straight Singles Are Allowed, Even if you are comfortable with M/M or F/F Contact.

You must do ALL three of the following:

1.Fill out the Form on this page.

2.Send Picture.

   By email Only.

   If we do not get your picture within 24hrs.

   Your Form will be deleted.

3.Talk to us, meaning on the phone or in person.

We understand the need to be discreet, and we will guard your privacy.

The photo is not a pass or fail, we like to know the person walking into the party.

We will NOT track you down for step 2

If the first 2 steps are not done, we will not set up step 3.

We have a list of singles that have been approved for invites.
Following ALL three steps will put you on the email list, but remember the first to reply off the email list will be the first on the list for that month’s party.